Pick Your Own

We will post when fruit is ready to pick.  Just go to instagram.com and type in daisychainfarm to check.

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  • Our organic nutritious delicious strawberries are $5.25/lb.                        Bulk discount kicks in at 10lbs for $4.75/lb.
  • We provide free berry boxes
  • We accept credit cards, checks or cash.
  • No Picking limit
  • Feel free to bring a picnic and take a walk in the orchard and field
  • Stay 6′ from other parties and clean hands before picking, wear a mask if you’re >5yrs old and not vaccinated or if you choose to.
  •  Follow signs and only park in one of two designated grass lots, not on road.


Why Pick Your Own?

    U-Pick gives you access to the best flavor and nutritional quality possible.  You get to pick at the height of ripeness and eat fresh! We can grow varieties that commercial fruit shippers can’t; Taste is our number-one criteria, followed by disease resistance (so we don’t have to spray chemicals you wouldn’t want to eat!).  Get berries for today, for the jam pot and for the freezer.